Mission Statement

In order to create a bridge for sharing the Gospel, Utica, Inc. Youth Center will seek to be God’s family to the youth and families of the Utica Community.  We dedicate ourselves to the Worship of God, the education of the Youth of the community, and to the service of the Utica community.  We go on record as pledging ourselves anew to the service of God and his people.  We accept the entire community as our field of mission and we pledge ourselves in cooperation with every community organization, Church, and effort seeking human betterment and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Utica Inc. is a non-profit organization | 501(C)3 # 82-1529120

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Utica, Inc. Youth Center to work with the youth and families of the Utica community to further the Kingdom of God by:
  • Helping those in need to establish and grow in their relationship with Christ by providing Christian role models and leadership
  • Providing a “Safe Haven” for youth to gather and learn
  • Enabling a positive change in the quality of life of those in the Utica Community
  • Further enabling and promoting the Utica youth by education, training, and development of enhanced self-sufficiency to become more productive members of their community and thus society as a whole
  • Growing and grooming Christian-minded youth to become leaders willing to serve the community in the future